Abu Dhabi’ is the Capital of the UAE, and the largest of the seven Emirate and cited as one of the richest cities in the world. The generated income has been purposely invested to create a first class infrastructure and a thriving modern metropolis. At the same time great effort has been taken to protect Abu Dhabi’s natural scenic beauty and to preserve the real spirit of Arabia. Abu Dhabi offers its cosmopolitan population the chance to pursue a great lifestyle. . It has a highly diverse and international population — 80 percent of its inhabitants are “ex-pats,” coming from some 150 countries around the globe. One in which all the amenities and conveniences of modern living are available in the pleasant surroundings of a sun-kissed, waterfront city, with abundant parks and tree-lined boulevards. Lush and verdant with large gardens and parks it is known as the Green State whilst also being the location of the world’s largest sand dunes. In addition there are nearly 200 islands around Abu Dhabi, offering some of the most natural untouched beaches in the region. The city is a unique mix of traditional Arabian charm and cosmopolitan sophistication. Combined with its beautiful beaches, fantastic shopping and top international resorts Abu Dhabi City an ideal place to live.


Abu Dhabi – Where dreams turns to reality..

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